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Thank You for Making May Day 2014 a Great Success!

May Day 2014 on the New Haven Green was a wonderful day!

It was a significant cultural event of great artists on stage and off providing inspiring music, creating art, including a huge mural and of course our May Pole Dance.

May Day brings a large segment of the local social justice, social service and labor organizations out to the Green to provide information.

May Day prides itself not only on the wealth of information provided to the public, but also on the productive networking that takes place and the intellectual discourse on important issues.

For all this, May Day is the result of the work of volunteers and the generosity of the groups and individuals whose financial contributions help to make May Day New Haven possible.

Live Performance from May Day 2014

About May Day New Haven

Twenty-nine years ago a group of friends decided they wanted to create a May Day Festival on the Green in New Haven, CT. We formed the May Day Celebration Committee. We are all volunteers and the group is open to anyone who wants to help.

Our vision 28 years ago remains the same - to organize a multi-cultural festival that honors and celebrates our labor history and the labor, peace, social service and social justice groups that today continue the struggle for peace and human rights.

May Day 2015

New Haven Green, CT

Performers From
May Day 2014

José Oyola &
The Astronauts

Coalition Hip Hop